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These are the magic shows that teach.

Believe it. 

I hear all the time from principals: "We're skeptical because we had a magic assembly before, and it wasn't very educational." 

My assemblies are built education-first. I start with a show’s theme, determine what lessons the show should teach, and only then do I think about magic. Tricks are chosen for their ability to demonstrate or explain key points in the show - for example, in The MyPlate Magic Show, students watch a beaker of chemicals, a container of water and a bag of sugar magically turn into a bottle of VitaminWater to demonstrate the importance of reading nutrition labels instead of trusting a product's name. 

So here's what you get when you book one of my assemblies:

1. On-point educational messaging set to the show's theme and delivered in an age-appropriate manner (the shows are presented differently to first graders than to seventh graders).

2. Sharp magic, school-appropriate comedy and loads of audience interaction. These three elements comprise the spoonful of sugar that makes the educational "medicine" go down.

3. A professional assembly presenter (hey, that's me!) with the experience and knowledge to control hundreds of students.

4. A polished, professional show complete with huge props, theatrical backdrop and curtains, and sound system.

Get ready. I'm going to do a great assembly for your school that will thrill the students, the principal, the teachers and the parents. And for that, you'll believe Magic in the Classroom really is magic.

Contact me right now, so we can make sure you get your date before it's booked.