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You probably know two thirds of all students are visual learners. 

Those students—the majority in any school—are simply wired to respond better to a visual medium like magic than to classroom lectures. 

My name is Scott Green. I'm an assembly presenter who uses magic to make important topics engaging and help students retain what they've learned.

That's why students, administrators, teachers and parents will be thrilled you chose me to present an assembly at your school. I turn magic into a visual aid that teaches bullying prevention, literacy skills, nutrition, or cultural arts history. Choose the theme that suits your school best or have me visit more than once.

Here are five things you can count on when I come to your school:

1. On-point educational messaging set to your assembly's theme and delivered in an age-appropriate manner (the programs are presented differently to first graders than to seventh graders).

2. Retention-oriented messaging that focuses on making sure students retain what they learn long after the assembly is over.

3. Incredible magic, school-appropriate comedy and non-stop audience interaction. These three elements comprise the spoonful of sugar that makes the educational "medicine" go down.

4. A professional assembly presenter with the experience and knowledge to control hundreds of students. I'm nationally renowned in my industry as the author of a seminal book, Excellence in Family Magic.

5. A polished, professional performance complete with all necessary props and equipment, including theatrical backdrop and sound system.

Please contact me right away. I'd like to answer any questions and add your school's date in my calendar. 

Available Assemblies

To demonstrate how bullying victims can feel, a student is suddenly unable to lift a small cardboard box.

To demonstrate how bullying victims can feel, a student is suddenly unable to lift a small cardboard box.

The BLAST Bullying Magic Show


NEW FOR 2017! Students learn actionable steps to prevent and stop bullying in your school.

With curriculum culled from the SPLC's Teaching Tolerance; the ADL's World of Tolerance; the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the National Crime Prevention Center, this is one bullying program that gets messaging right.

Magic is used as a visual aid to identify bullying; demonstrate the five steps for bystanders to help a bullying victim; help victims stand up for themselves in a constructive way; develop empathy; and more.

The program is adjusted to be age-appropriate for any group. For younger grade levels, the emphasis is on building empathy. For older grades, the emphasis is on personal responsibility.

Help your students learn these essential skills in a way they'll enjoy and remember. Book this great assembly today.


An impossible prediction comes true with the help of the Dewey Decimal System

An impossible prediction comes true with the help of the Dewey Decimal System

The Magic Library

Make reading exciting.

The Magic Library gives students the tools they need to use the library, and inspires them to use those tools to read for pleasure.

Students K-8 will laugh until their sides hurt, participate throughout the show's 45 minutes and witness feats of mind-bending magic. And by the end, they'll have learned the basics of the Dewey Decimal System, the world of genres, fiction vs. non-fiction, and the value of a library card.

Books also come to life: two students join me onstage to play Mr. Hoppy and Mrs. Silver, the protagonists of Esio Trot by Roald Dahl. Those volunteers, along with the rest of the audience, use Dahl's magic spell ("Esio trot, esio trot, teg reggib reggib...") to reenact the magic of the book, making a stuffed tortoise grow to 100 times its original size.

And with a little help from Harry Potter, one student is selected to float in the air.

45 minutes; for grades K-8

Through magic I demonstrate the importance of eating a nutritious daily breakfast

Through magic I demonstrate the importance of eating a nutritious daily breakfast

The MyPlate Magic Show


The MyPlate Magic Show empowers students to take control of their diets by teaching essential, age-appropriate nutritional concepts.

Everybody will participate, everybody will laugh, and everybody will wonder at amazing feats of magic. And during this 45-minute assembly, K-8 students will learn how to identify which foods are likely to be high in sugar, how to use the MyPlate food groups, how to read nutrition labels, how to make positive snacking decisions, and why breakfast is so important.

Because The MyPlate Magic Show was developed in partnership with the USDA, and co-written with a dietitian, the educational content is right on target. Students learn the material so well that by the end of the show, they're teaching the material back to me.

Nutrition can be a dry subject, but it doesn't have to be. With such an important topic, you'll be glad you commissioned The MyPlate Magic Show to make it fun. 


The Selbit Blocks were invented by the same guy who created the sawing-a-woman-in-half trick

The Selbit Blocks were invented by the same guy who created the sawing-a-woman-in-half trick

The History of Magic

make the arts come alive.

NEW FOR 2016-17! Students take a walk through history through the lens of magic, learning about the development of a millennia-old art form.

Even your most jaded middle school and junior high students will be on the edges of their seats as they interact with the trick that quelled a 19th century insurrection against the French empire. They'll be rapt watching the Cups and Balls, a trick so old it's depicted in hieroglyphics on an ancient Egyptian tomb. They'll almost believe the impossible as they learn about a feud involving Harry Houdini, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, phony spiritualists and Victorian England.

Your students will discover with a newfound appreciation for the arts, and be curious to learn more about the historical periods and personalities brought to life during the performance. 

It's a whole different kind of cultural arts enrichment - and, you'll agree, a whole better kind.



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Also available:

Family Night Magic Shows

I literally wrote the book on performing magic for family audiences! 

My hysterical family magic shows are Chicago's best - that's why I'm ranked #1 on Yelp. Students and parents alike have a great time, be it family reading night, a school fundraiser, or whatever other event would benefit from fantastic entertainment.

Choose my all-purpose show, The Better-Than-TV Magic Show; my Halloween show, "The Silly Spooky Magic Show," which has a light trick-or-treat safety theme; or my non-denominational "The Winter Show," a celebration of snow, presents and the spirit of giving. 

These shows are available during the school day or after. Pair one of my family magic shows with assemblies and two great things happen: first, attendance at the after-school event spikes as students drag their parents to see the funny magician from school today; and two, you'll get a great discount.

You can have me for your school's family night - or you can settle for someone who merely read my book.

45 minutes; for all ages

Don't wait - get in touch today for more information and to book one of these great assemblies for your school.

Call (847) 361-0924 or e-mail

About Scott

Scott Green 2017_30.jpg

Magician Scott Green (hey, that's me!) conceives, writes, directs, produces and performs all Magic in the Classroom assemblies. I love when a gymnasium of students has a howling good time while they learn.

A leader in my industry, I've created numerous original effects and lecture other magicians on how to improve their own acts. I'm the author of a book on my craft, Excellence in Family Magic, and a national award-winning comedy writer. 

My educational background was in a different field entirely - I graduated law school and passed the bar, but decided my passion was in bringing educational entertainment to children and became a full-time professional performer.

Millions have seen me perform magic - at schools, libraries and private events; plus regularly on Chicago television, and occasionally on national TV.

I live in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood with my wife and two young children. An avid game show fan, I've been a contestant on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" and "The Price Is Right."




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